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Add-Ons and Shipping

New Lower Prices

Transcript Add-Ons

We offer a variety of add-on options to fulfill every need.


Add-On options:

•   Sealed original:  $1.99
•   Confidential envelope:  $1.99
•   Locked PDF:  $19.99
•   R&S options:  Free up to $19.99
•   CD/Flashdrive:  Up to three free per order

When placing your order, you can select the add-ons you need for each recipient.

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Distribution Services

Your transcripts are shipped in protective packaging to ensure they remain pristine upon arrival at your client's office.

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FedEx transit times are in addition to the production schedule.

FedEx 2-Day Anywhere ($17.99)

Our speedy service offers quick and efficient delivery for your package, provided it meets one of the following requirements. If your package does not qualify, we will provide alternative shipping options.


FedEx 2-Day Anywhere Package Requirements:

1. The package can contain up to 400 pages without sealed or confidential envelopes.​
2. The package can contain up to two sealed or confidential envelopes and be at most 185 pages.​

FedEx Ground (Flat Rate Pricing)

Transit time: 2-7 business days, depending on the location.

The price of the package depends on the number of pages it contains.

  • Up to 400 pages: $19.99 

  • 401-1200 pages: $27.99 

  • 1201-1600 pages: $34.99 

  • 1600+ pages: $39.99 

FedEx Standard Overnight

Transit time: Next business day before 3:00 p.m.

Pricing will vary

FedEx Priority Overnight

Transit time: Next business day before 10:30 a.m.

Pricing will vary


Pricing will vary. We use USPS for P.O. Box shipments and R&S letters. Tracking is unavailable with this service.


FedEx deliveries made on Saturdays will incur additional charges. Shipping prices are subject to change without notice.

Add Ons
Shipping Details
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