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Valerie Rodriguez, CSR, RPR


Southern California

"SmartDeps make production a breeze!  If you're worried about doing your own production, turn over the fear factor to SmartDeps.  They will produce a professional, quality product for your clients.  Mark went out of his way to take a phone conference with me to figure out how to produce a PDF read-only transcript and then incorporated that in their production options.  Customer service is on top of their game and your transcripts will be produced in record time.  So happy to partner with this company."

Kelly Emery, Certified Shorthand Reporter

Premier Court Reporting


"Smartdeps is awesome!  Megan is such a joy to work with!  I had rush jobs on my first day of using Smartdeps and they prioritized my work and everything went out timely.  A court reporter's dream."

Patricia Schuler, Certified Shorthand Reporter

Schuler Court Reporting

Greater San Diego Area

"They are the equivalent to a full-time assistant and are very knowledgeable and flexible!

Most court reporters will tell you the hardest part of our job is getting back to a client during normal business hours. We are always “on the record,” and returning calls are usually out our control. SmartDeps is the answer. They’ve made the process of doing business so convenient and EASY. I forward emails to the staff, and within minutes my issue is resolved, and I can focus on writing. Since I’ve been using them my life has been simplified and I have more time to play with my dogs."


Thank you so much!!

Christine B. Smith, RPR, RMR, CA CSR

Crestone, CO

"You all are so amazingly fast!  Thank you so very much!


I appreciate everyone’s kindness and patience when I was first starting out with you when I had a mountain of questions.  Everything from your professionalism to your efficiency in turning the jobs around is top-notch.


I take great comfort in knowing and trusting that you put out a product I am proud of, and my clients are extremely satisfied.”


Realtime System Administration

Waack Court Reporting

Manhattan, New York, NY


"Can I just say how much I love your responsiveness!!! It is sad how many “professionals” cannot be responsive to people’s needs when service is the backbone of many industries.


So thank you so very, very much for your professionalism.  It really goes a long way!"

Brenda J. O'Connor-Marello

M-F Reporting, Inc.

Clifton Park, NY


Why M-F Reporting, Inc. teams with SmartDeps.


"I started using SmartDeps for transcript production because, simply, it's one-stop shopping AND, most importantly, their customer service is unbeatable. Whenever I or any client needs assistance, which isn't often, there is no hold time or a need for messages left for call-backs. They are right there, answering the phone or taking the proactive steps to reach out to my clients.  


Great service like that is refreshing and a must in a busy world. Their site is super easy to navigate. Files are ready for download within 2 hours, and prints go out FedEx within 24 hours. The rates are very close to DIY rates, minus the headache and time.


As my company grows, so do my needs. I have been using SmartDeps for over a year now and won't consider another service. This company is run by good, hard-working people with customer-first attitude.


I'm glad I found them."

Suzanne McDermott

McDermott & Justice Reporting

Philadelphia, PA

"You took the fear out of trying something new. Service is awesome. Very, Very Happy!"

Heather Curlin, RPR

Charleston, SC


"You made me feel confident in using your service. Your team was a TREMENDOUS help when I first started using your service and answered all my questions. You took all my calls immediately and helped walk me through the process. I appreciated it! You all are a vital part of my production work I have to do for myself.


Thank you for what you do. It truly does fill a need for us."

Regine Ervin, Deposition / Freelance Reporter

Sicklerville, NJ


"The website is easy to use, and I love the free transcript repository. The staff is very accommodating with my requests and eager to assist."

Sandra D. Burch, RPR, CRR, CLR
Integrity Court Reporting, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN


"The service was quick and easy. I appreciate the help and the quick responses. I am very happy with your services!"

Reid Bryce Robbins, Court Reporter

Minnetonka, MN


"SmartDeps has exceeded my expectations. I recommend their services to any reporter or agency who has better things to do than sit in front of their printer and watch their jobs print."

Kimberly A. Bursner, RPR, NJ CCR

Bursner Court Reporter

Norristown, PA


"I use your services because you are a local company and you are very fast in your turn-around time."

Christine Schirripa 

Northeast Court Reporting

Bedford Heights, OH


"I use your service because I pay for what I use. I don’t like to pay so much per month and I like that I can pick and choose and pay for what I really need."

Donna A. Bittner, RMR-CRR

Bittner Reporting

Voorhees, NJ


"I am happy to say that there are many reasons why I use SmartDeps. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that my clients can access transcripts anytime anyplace. In the legal business, time is of the essence, and it's great to be able to get things done quickly and efficiently. I also like that producing transcripts electronically is good for the planet and that less paper is always a good thing."

Vicki Haines

Haines & Associates Court Reporting

Souderton, PA


"The reporters of Haines & Associates Court Reporting could not be happier or more satisfied with the services provided by SmartDeps. The turnaround time is simply fantastic, both with jobs that are created and submitted and also with answers to questions that we may have. The transcript repository is such a tremendous tool that we utilize quite often. We are so pleased with your services and sincerely thank you."

Karyn Geftman, CCR

Geftman Reporting Associates

Penn Valley, PA


"I have been using SmartDeps for over 30 years, and they have been seemingly flawless in production, efficiency, courtesy and professionalism. The staff at SmartDeps is truly a dream team!"

Nicole Ciavatto, Owner

JB Court Reporting, LLC

Turnersville, NJ


"I have been working with SmartDeps for three years now and my experience with them is excellent! They answer all my questions within minutes of my contacting them. They are willing to give their full support to any need or question I have. SmartDeps is helpful for my clients and secretaries to easily gain access whenever they need to find a transcript. It has everything you need right at your fingertips. I would recommend SmartDeps for everyone in the court reporting field. "

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