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Hard Copies

What will my transcripts look like when they are processed?

Transcripts are printed using high volume production printers. Your transcripts will appear neat, attractively bound and are professionally shipped. View our gallery here +

How do I request a free sample transcript?

A free sample transcript can be shipped directly to you. Samples are an excellent way to see how your formatted, printed and bound transcripts will appear when presented to your clients. Email support@smartdeps.com to request yours today.

How long does production take?

Same day service for electronic transcripts and 24-hour service for hard copies. No rush charges, and no waiting when you call for assistance. Production Hours: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm ET, Monday - Friday. Orders received after 6 pm may be processed the following business day.

What type of packaging is used?

SmartDeps does not advertise on packages sent to you or your clients. We use unmarked padded envelopes or an unmarked corrugated cardboard box lined with protective bubble wrap. Learn more +

How is my signature attached?

You can submit your signature using our form. Once we have your name on file, we will automatically place it on the certification page of each transcript you submit. Signature Submission Form +

E-Trans & PDF

What is a PDF Transcript?

A PDF transcript is an electronic transcript with electronic exhibits linked to it. We include three items with each PDF; a full-sized transcript with linked exhibits, a condensed transcript with linked exhibits, and a separate exhibit PDF package.

I would like to see a sample.

A free sample can be sent directly to you. This option is an excellent way for you to see what your PDF / E-Trans (PTX) will look like when presented to your clients. Email support@smartdeps.com or call us at 1.844.641.9842 to receive your free samples.

How fast can I get service?

PDF and PTX's are distributed to your clients immediately upon payment. Hard copies are processed and shipped usually within 24 hours.

What is an E-Trans (PTX)?

An E-Trans (PTX) is an electronic transcript that works in conjunction with the RealLegal E-Transcript Viewer. We include two items with each PTX; the PTX file, and a separate PDF exhibits package.


What is the charge to print/scan exhibits?

HARD COPY PRINTED EXHIBITS: 8.1x11 B/W or COLOR are $0.14 We may also charge an additional fee to print exhibits that are larger than 8.5x11. Prices may vary depending on the actual size. SCANNING EXHIBITS: 8.5x11 B/W: $0.18 - 8.5x11 COLOR: $0.69

What are linked exhibits?

Linked exhibits are an electronic version of the exhibit that is attached to your transcript. For example, when you click on the words “SMITH 1” within the transcript, the “SMITH 1” exhibit will automatically open for you to view.

How do I submit my exhibits?

We have three options to submit your exhibits. Upload: If your exhibits are electronic, you can upload them directly to your job. Ship: You can ship them to us by the carrier of your choice. We have an exhibit submission form on the site for you to use. Fax to email: You can fax them to us at 267-336-0239. With this option, we will receive them in electronic form as an email. Additionally, you do not need to count the pages, name the files, or separate. We will do all that for you.


Is SmartDeps a Court Reporting agency?

SmartDeps is not a court reporting agency. We are an independent online transcript production service. As a service provider since 1984, we understand and respect your privacy. You work hard to gain and retain clients. As such, your clients are just that, yours. Any information about your account is confidential and not shared with anyone.

Why should I switch to SmartDeps?

SmartDeps solves the problem of paying for services you don't use. We all know the monthly fees associated with an E-Trans, PDF, repository services, and supplies. With SmartDeps, that's all eliminated. You also get lightning-fast service, free premium support, a simple-to-use website and super affordable prices that you won’t find anywhere else.

How does SmartDeps work?

We use a simple 3-step ordering process that includes case information, file uploads, and distribution selections. Jobs submitted for production are priced within two to five hours and made available to you for approval and payment. We use a series of email notifications and job status updates to keep you informed throughout the entire process. Upon credit card payment, your clients will instantly receive their electronic transcripts via the free SmartDeps repository. Hard copy transcripts with exhibits are shipped directly to them within 24 hours via FedEx.

How fast is the turnaround?

Same day service for electronic transcripts and 24-hour service for hard copies. No rush charges, and no waiting when you call for assistance.

Read & Sign

How does SmartDeps handle a Read & Sign?

R&S with Hard Copies: When you request hard copies, we will place the printed R&S letter within the front cover of the transcript for the recipient you selected. No Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) is provided. This is a free service.

R&S with Electronic: When you select electronic transcripts, we will upload the R&S letter to the repository for your clients to download. The R&S letter will always remain in the repository. This is a free service.
R&S Letter with Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE): When you need the R&S letter to be mailed to your client with hard copies for R&S, then you need the recipient to mail the R&S and the transcript back to you, please email support@smartdeps.com with this request. The fee for this service is $20 plus postage for the return transcript.
A La Carte R&S Letter: When your client needs to receive only the R&S letter without hard copy or electronic transcripts, we will print the R&S letter and mail it to your recipient via USPS while your job is in the “In Production” status. R&S letters mailed via USPS do not include tracking information. The total fee for this service is $20 per mailed letter.


What is a transcript repository?

A transcript repository is an online file cabinet. Your transcripts are safe, secure and password protected. The managed SmartDeps Repository service is free for you and your clients.

Do I manage any part of this service?

No. SmartDeps does it all for you. We upload and manage all data in the repository for you and your clients, including any technical issues that may occur.

How much does it cost?

This service is free! Free and unlimited cloud repository services are now available for you and your clients with 24/7 access.