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Natasia Booth

Case CAT Scopist

My Bio:

I am a full-time scopist devoted to offering court reporters the peace of mind of knowing their work will be completed quickly and accurately.  I am a former court reporting student, and I fully understand the complexity of that arena.  I have the ability to read steno, and I'm familiar with legal and medical terminology.


I have been in the administrative field for over 7 years and bring a lot of life's experiences to the job. Not only am I detail oriented, I am also very dependable and efficient.  I have an excellent command of the English language and am thorough and disciplined when it comes to completing a job.


I am a graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques, and I use the Morson's English Guide to lead me.  I use the most recent version of Case CATalyst and SearchMaster.  Not only do I have a comprehensive research library, I also use the Internet for any additional research that may be needed.


I understand the importance of producing a professional product.  Because of my commitment to my clients, I offer word-for-word accuracy and superior grammar, spelling, and punctuation on all court proceedings and deposition transcripts.


Because I believe in returning a polished transcript, I'm able to adapt to each reporter's unique style and preferences.  I can work within your time frame to complete jobs without compromising quality.


I am available for full-time work or on an as-needed basis.  I am very eager to begin a partnership with you.

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