Contact Information:

(951) 972-6162

Sarah Robinson-Doubleday


My Bio:

Hello, my name is Sarah Robinson-Doubleday. I am a proofreader for court reporters. 


This type of work suits me well as I care for my young son. And because I enjoy proofreading court transcripts. My brain is good at picking out the mistakes. Previously, I had been a veterinarian for ten years, and in the veterinary field for twenty years. I also provided an expert testimony in an animal cruelty case in court.

My Rates:

Standard 48-72 hours $0.35/page

Expedite 24-48 hours $0.50/page

Rush <24 hours $0.65/page

Technical, medical, or expert testimony, please add $0.05/page.

More than 25 lines per page, please add $0.03/page.

My Special Interests or Hobbies:

Singing with my local community choir.

Hiking and camping with my family.

Additional Information:

Additional info can be found at

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