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PDF Transcript

A PDF transcript with linked exhibits and a word index is an easy-to-use and complete electronic solution for your clients.
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$15 per deponent includes formatting, personalization, your signature on the certification page, and unlimited distribution. We also include free exhibit scanning and linking to the first 500 8.5x11 pages, black and white or color.


There is an additional charge of $0.18 per black and white scanned image and $0.39 per color scanned image if a deponent’s exhibits exceed the 500-sheet allowance. There may be additional fees to process documents larger than 8.5x11.

Orders are processed and made available to your clients immediately upon payment.

Client Distribution

PDF's are uploaded to the free transcript repository for 24/7 access. SmartDeps sends out email notifications to your clients, so they know data is available to download.
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