Patricia Unger

Scopist and Proofreader

Contact Information:

My Bio:

I have worked with court reporters in the State of Colorado providing scoping, transcription and proofreading services for 13 years.  

Providing the services I offer was a perfect fit to allow me to work from a fully equipped home-based office with no distractions and care for my elderly mother. 

I have returning clients who have been with me since I started my business and I have new clients who contact me after finding my online listing and my website inquiring about my services, turnaround times and pricing.

My hours are flexible to meet my clients’ needs.  I am available, dedicated and hardworking.   I pay close attention to even the smallest details. 


I also bring excellent organizational skills to my business keeping track of each job, of hours spent and of important deadlines and schedules. 

My Special Interests and Hobbies:

When I am not working hard providing excellent services as a scopist and transcriptionist, I enjoy spending time with my dear family and friends.  As a family, we love hiking, exploring, camping, fishing and just loving Colorado living.   I also enjoy painting and needlework.  

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